Wednesday, 25 January 2017


1. The Badman's Daughter by Terry James 2. The Boot Hill Breed by Ned Oaks 3. The Magnificent Mendozas by Ross Morton 4. Dead Man's Trail by Chuck Tyrell 5. Bodie Meets Brand: Two Guns North by Neil Hunter 6. Laramie Davis:High Valley Manhunt by B.S.Dunn 7. Comes The Reaper by B.J.Holmes 8. Return To Silver Creek by Chuck Tyrell 7. Redemption Road by J.C.Hulsey 8. Bodie 1: Trackdown by Neil Hunter 9. Iron Eyes by Rory Black I don't seem to have read many westerns over the course of the year. Must do better as my Kindle is loaded with a load of tales that have yet to see the light of day. The mix come from both Piccadilly Publishing who have picked up the Neil Hunter series Bodie. The original series lasted for six books but, fortunately,Neil Hunter has brought Bodie back as well as teaming him up with his other creation Jason Brand. Piccadilly Publishing has established itself as the home of the series western.