Friday, 10 June 2011

FFB: JOURNEY INTO SPACE by Charles Chilton

As 'Riders Of The Range' finished so Jet Morgan and his crew took a 'Journey Into Space'. The series ran from 1953 to 1956. Series 1 had various titles 'Journey To The Moon' and 'Operation Luna'. Series 2 'The Red Planet'. Series 3 'The World In Peril'.
Although the first episode pulled in a large listening audience the earthbound storyline saw the number of listeners dwindle. However once the spaceship 'Luna' took off the figures rose with it.
The cast consisted of Andrew Faulds as Jet Morgan; Alfie Bass as Lemmy (though David Kossof played the role in the early episodes); Guy Kingsley Poynter as Doc and Don Sharp as Mitch.

In 1954 Charles Chilton, writing his first novel, brought the first 'Journey Into Space' series to the reading public.
In a change to the radio show Charles Chilton began the book as Jet Morgan and his crew are preparing to return to earth from the moon. Something is wrong as both oxygen and fuel are running out and there doesn't seem to be any logical explanation.
Fortunately Doc, one of the crew, has been keeping a journal and the revelations has heads spinning.
Set in 1965, the year Charles Chilton thought that man might land on the moon, it is very close to the real thing.
Suspense increases as radio contact with Earth is lost and the radio operator, Lenny, hears strange music that none of the others can hear. Yet there is nothing wrong with the equipment.
All the ingredients of the sci-fi series are there including a fleet of UFOs and alien beings.
Although the first book was published in hardback in 1954 it was not until 1958 that Pan issued this title in paperback.
Although I never missed an episode it was great to relive the series through the written word.

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