Sunday, 4 October 2009


Dad once said if you want to find a root of Heavy Metal listen to Stravinsky's 'Rite Of Spring'. Me listen to classical music? I took his advice and did wonder.
So take a Heavy Metal group like Metallica and fuse that with Michael Kamen conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and you get a bit closer to what my dad was thinking.
This is a two disc set which has 21 tracks. The opener is the 'Ectasy Of Gold' and followed by a massive instrumental track ' The Call Of The Ktulu' - just 9.24 minutes of shear mindblowing fusion of symphony orchestra and heavy metal. Does it work? Of course it does. It shouldn't but it does. The opener to 'Master Of Puppets' sounds like a film soundtrack then the guitars hit in and takes the music to another level.
There are two new tracks on this double CD. 'No Leaf Clover' and 'Human'.
Even if you don't like heavy metal I'd give this one a try.
On the downside I have to give this CD back to Dad.
Does anyone think he'd notice if it was missing?
Yeah, I think he would.


  1. Have you seen the DVD of this? Tis superb!

  2. Not yet, Steve M, it is still in it's wrapper.