Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The Veronicas are a duo from Australia.
Jessica and Lisa Origliasso are from Albany Creek, Brisbane, New South Wales.
They have been in show business since they were five years old. They have appeared in the Aussie series 'Cybergirl' and Disney TV's 'The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody'.
As songwriters they have written songs for the likes of the Russian girl band Tatu.
2004 saw the launch of their first album 'The Secret Life Of.....' which failed to reach the UK shops. Though both album and singles tracks did very well Down Under.
'Hook Me Up' was originally released in 2008.
And one track 'Untouched' was used on the video game 'FIFA 09'.
Now the 'Hook Me Up' album has been released in the UK and The Veronicas made a publicity appearance on a recent edition of 'National Lottery Live' with a video clip of their latest singles release.
That clip gave me a reason to listen to more. It turns out that the CD is quite interesting music wise.
It is easy to say that The Veronicas compare to the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Girls Aloud and Tatu. But each track on this CD is different. It is just not the same old, same old that you get on most CDs. Each track is individual and covers different styles. That is what makes this so refreshing. One of the few albums that I can replay and hear something new each time.

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