Monday, 27 July 2009


This week at Beat To A Pulp sees Keith Rawson give us the lowdown on the benefits of 'Marmalade'. I liked the gradually build up to an ending that would be a genealogist's nightmare.

The Tainted Archive has a trailer for a new American tv series 'The Prisoner'. This might well be a remake of a cult British tv series but as I've not seen it I will watch this with different eyes.
Mind you this could could have consequences as Ray has this habit of saying 'Be seeing you.' and now I know where it comes from.

Randy at Not The Baseball Pitcher has done a review of this tv series. I loved 'Children Of Earth' because it was different to the previous series and I got to see how fit John Barrowman is. Question hanging in the air is will Torchwood come back or was that the end?

Filming of the new series of Dr. Who has begun here in Wales. Can't say that I like the new look.
He's wears a shabby brown jacket, a small reddish bow tie and dark grey trousers and looks like a nerdy professor. Clothes so I'm told maketh the man - no way. I would've thought with his floppy dark hair he would've been a little more imaginative. Leather jacket, heavy metal T-shirt and jeans. Mind you character comes into it so maybe I'll forget the fashion issue in time.

My aunt Rebecca wandered on to the set of a film called 'Dagenham Girls' and was talking to some of the people there. The next thing she knew was that she was being shunted into place. She didn't protest too loudly but I hope she doesn't end up on the cutting room floor.


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