Monday, 27 July 2009


This sequel to the original 'GREEN STREET' went straight to DVD - and after watching it I can understand why.
Ross McCall reprises his role as Dave from the original movie but the sequel does not have any more of the original characters.
Basic plot three West Ham supporters are sent to the same prison as a bunch of Millwall supporters. The latter, or so we are told, are there for killing the two West Ham Elite members from the original film. Problem - the leader has obviously changed his name (by Deed Poll?) to Big Mac. No, not the one from 'Casualty' though he does send theWest Ham lads there several times.
The movie is big on bloody punch ups; there's also a drugs war going on between Big Mac and a bunch of Russians and, of course, they are only to willing to back up the West Ham lads. And not forgetting the prison officers are amongst the bad guys with just the one standing against them.
Another big problem is that the penal system seems a bit American or un-British and the characters reduced to stereotypes.
By the time we get to the showdown - a football match between Millwall supporters and West Ham supporters ,where the winners get to go home, I found myself not caring who won or lost.
For an £8,000,000 budget I thought that I would get a movie that had been researched, a touch accurate and with characters that would interest me and gain my sympathy.
There are some good moments - rare as they are - but this should have been so much better.
Anyone wanting to catch this movie on DVD should wait until the price drops really low - like £3 in HMV - money that won't be missed. Mine was given to me as a pressie.

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