Saturday, 25 July 2009


Ray: OK, so we're riding into new territory.
Chantel: Sounds good. Why Open Range.
Ray: It's Open because that's the way we are. Range because we can write about anything.
Chantel: Just that what we post we sign.
Ray: That's it.
Chantel: Or we can do posts like this one.
Ray: OK - let's ride.
Chantel: Cue Spiderbait.
Ray: Preferred 'The Ramrods' version of Ghost Rider.
Chantel: There you go. You're so 1965. Get real! This is 2009.
Ray: Is this a dig?
Chantel: Look things move on, I mean look at you the other day going on about those e-readers. You have to face it they are going to happen. If it means that people read books it has to be a good thing. Right?
I mean these things aren't much different to MP3s or iPods.
Once upon a time there were those 45s and LPs and you thought that they had gone to their vinyl resting place. Sure there are CDs and downloaded music today but that didn't kill off the CD and a lot of singers today are recording on to vinyl.
Same thing will happen with books. They won't go away. Just the choice gets widened.
Ray: OK, I can live with that.
Chantel: Good. Let's Ride!


  1. An excellent way to start your new blog. Two for the price of one. You can't beat that.

  2. Great start to the new blog, looking forward to reading more.

    Steve M :)