Thursday, 30 July 2009

TU£SDAY - dvd

TU£SDAY - 2008
Written and directed by Sacha Bennett
Run time: 79 mins

Tuesday the 23rd July and a gang of bank robbers known as The Cowboys prepare to rob the Japan Ocean Trust.
Unknown to them two cashiers have the same idea. So has an elderly man who's life is disintegrating.
The film covers the police investigation as they try to discover which of them stole a very valuable emerald. Thus the story is told in flashback.
Stars Philip Glennister and John Simm (Life On Mars) are reunited playing members of The Cowboys - Earp and Silver. This time Philip Glennister gets to sport a red kerchief and western style Colt - but not the boots.
The script is good but the photography is not so hot as it did nothing more than produce confusion for all the wrong reasons.
Scriptwise - it runs with humour and very character driven and the end comes as a surprise.
Despite the drawbacks I quite enjoyed this caper.


  1. I was intrigued when I heard of this film as I think I might have watched something before with those actors in it, and it sounded a lot like Kubrick's the Killing, but the reviews were all so damning I reckon I'll wait until it appears on tv before watching.

  2. I agree that the reviews are not good for this film. In this instance I think to a degree they are wrong. The story and the characters are good but the flaws are in the various camera uses - static and handheld.