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Misfit Lil Cheats The Hangrope - BHE - 2009
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Lil Goodnight, best known as Misfit Lil, is a mite confused for two reasons. It seemed as though an era had passed but there was a wagon train travelling the wrong season well south of the usual route.
The trailsman, Luke Reiner, figures he knows best and won't take advice or sass from the irrepressible Misfit Lil who knows they are running into trouble.
And when a blizzard hits our intrepid heroine is there to get the children to safety.
In view of the problems with Reiner, the leader of the train Winton Petrie agrees to hire Misfit Lil's friend, Jackson Farraday, to take charge. This decision leads to fisticuffs between Farraday and Reiner.
Into the mix are Prudence Hannigan, a pastor's daughter, and Petrie's daughter Honesty who is being courted by Reiner but shows a preference for Farraday.
And the question crops as to why Luke Reiner is anxious to get to a derelict town of Buzzard City? When Farraday tries to find out he is ambushed and left unconcious but when he returns to the wagon train he finds himself accused of the murder of Honesty Petrie.
Misfit Lil has no choice but to waste no time in finding out the truth.
This is a well constructed and written novel from Misfit Lil's creator Chap O'Keefe who builds the tension and keeps the reader guessing to the end.
This is a first edition paperback novel and a must buy for fans of Misfit Lil.
The current price is £10.84 UK and $15 US but for the money you get a quality paperback - all in all I look at this book as value for money.
A sample of this book can be read at - Black Horse Extra.

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