Monday, 3 August 2009


Out on DVD.

This series continues from where TERMINATOR: JUDGEMENT DAY left off.
Sarah Connor is still suffering from nightmares where she sees her son John killed by a Terminator.
In the real world of 1999 John Connor is getting friendly with a fellow college student Cameron Phillips while his mother has settled into a steady relationship.
This idyllic time is about to be shattered when FBI agent James Ellison gets close to bringing Sarah Connor in; while at school John Connor gets a new teacher who is on a mission.
The Terminators are back in the shape of a T-888 known as Cromartie. With the help of Cameron, John Connor manages to escape.
Agent Ellison, who has been convinced the Sarah Connor is a delusional psychopath now finds himself confronted by twenty two witnesses that saw a man with a robotic leg.
Cameron, Sarah and John are now on the run and seek sanctuary in a bank vault where the components for a time vortex have been stored. Once activated the trio are transported to 2007 - but not before it is revealed that Cameron is a Terminator sent back to protect John Connor.
But there is no safety in 2007 for this war has an underground army of resistance fighters from the future as well as Terminators with hidden agendas. Amongst the resistence is Kyle Reese's brother Derek.
The first series of 9 episodes chronicles the various attempts to adjust to the new world that they find themselves in as well as make an attempt to put an end to Skynet before it becomes a reality.
This series had a good storyline that concluded, frustratingly, with a cliff hanger of an ending.
Lena Headey takes over the role of Sarah Connor from Linda Hamilton and is very impressive in the role. John Connor is played by Thomas Dekker.
The stand out character has to be Summer Glau's Terminator, Cameron Phillips. By the end of the first disc (three episodes) all doubts that a female Terminator could replace Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-100 were dismissed.
I am looking forward to Series 2 which is out (in the UK) on the 16th November while Terminator Salvation comes out the following week on the 23rd.
Despite the success of this series American TV did not pick up on Series 3. Though I do understand that various groups have petitioned the networks to continue with the series.


  1. I thought series 1 was fab. Series 2 seemed to flounder (until the last episode, which had me screaming for more). Terminator Salvation was great and I'm looking forward to watching that again on DVD.

  2. The fight for TSCC goes on. If you want to see a season 3 then get to and help out with the various campaigns. Also follow progress on

  3. Joanne - the ending of series one had me screaming for more. I've already made my pre-orders for series 2 and Salvation.

    Phil - many thanks for the links.