Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Strange thing is that blokes seldon admit to reading poetry let alone write it. Yet years ago I, evidently, did. I could only recall one but one of my daughter's was having a clear out and discovered a book full. Some of the poems are only half completed while others are full of angst. Though taking into the situation at the time I can understand them. They were written about 1999/2000.
Not great poetry.
However, this one really struck me - I don't know what the inspiration for it was. Well, maybe a rough idea.


Temptation waits
On runaways fates
Welcome to sin city
Where there's no pity
A world of users
Losers and abusers
Of wheelers
And dealers
And whores
In their scores
Perverts and perversions
In so many versions
You can tell
Life is hell
For you kids
On the skids
Life's tough
Sleeping rough
None survive
Or leave alive
At this city gates
Temptation waits.

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