Thursday, 27 August 2009

WHERE LEGENDS RIDE 2 - The Line Up Announced

The full line up of the western writers who's story appear in this new western anthology can be found at Nik Morton's blog Writealot (
It is a very impressive list of writers and includes the likes of Lance Howard, Ross Morton, Chuck Tyrell, I.J.Parnham and not forgetting my granddad, Jack Giles.
Also, there is a story by me. Chantel Foster.
You know, you pick up a book and read it and think this is easy. I could do that.
Writing, even a short story, is not easy. It involves hard work.
When I first wrote my story and showed it to my granddad he said that it was good. I felt pretty pleased with myself. Then I asked what I should do with it. He said finish it. Finish it? Yes, he said, there's a good story there but it's just a sketch. I went off in a huff.
A few days later and we were having a coffee at The Ace Cafe. We were talking bikes. About how I would like to ride a Harley. He explained that I would have to work my way up to one. Start with a 125 cc. He warned me that I might fail my driving test. Just don't give up on anything that you want in life.
We were talking bikes but my granddad was telling me something else.
So I grabbed my aunt's computer and wrote my story out again. What I typed was what I had written in my notebook. All the time, without really seeing it, I was expanding the story. I would show it to granddad and he would nod and say that the story was getting better.
Then one day he said that he thought that it was good but that he was not the best person to judge. Would I mind if he showed the story to someone else? Like yes, granddad.
The story was sent to Nik Morton who was both encouraging and critical. I cannot begin to thank the editors, Nik Morton and Charlie Whipple, enough for all their help and encouragement.
Also would like to say thank you to people like Lance Howard, I.J.Parnham, Jo Walpole and James Reasoner (I know he's not a Black Horse Western writer). If I had not read their books would I have been inspired to write? Or even attempt a western? I don't think so.
The end result can be read in the yet to be titled anthology.
Writing is not easy but if anyone wants to write then the effort has to be put in.

Like the man said never give up on anything you want in life.


  1. And I would like to add you have a very cool granddad.

  2. An inspiring tale. Wish my old grandpap had encouraged me to write.